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There was no Livejournal Meetup in North Jersey this evening because only four RSVPed Yes and the system cancels any meetups with fewer than five RSVPs. I was one of the No RSVPs so I could have made it happen but I didn't. Somehow, going to a bowling alley in Wallington in freezing cold weather didn't appeal to me. Can we have the meetup in Paramus next month?

I was in line at a drugstore behind a lady who was buying many kinds of lottery tickets in large quantities. The total came to $150 and she still wasn't done. I was wondering if this could be a gambling problem but then I realized she could be buying for an office lottery pool.

I was going to edit the styles for my LJ but then I found out about S2 while reading lj_style. So it doesn't seem worth doing any more. Might as well wait for the new system to be implemented.

I also discovered that IE6 SP1 still does not render margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;. And this is the most popular web browser in the world?? Oh well... have to use this workaround then.
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