Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Boots and Insurance Claim


I shipped the second pair of boots to Columbia Sportswear for warranty repair this morning. I got two pairs of those boots in the Marty's closing down sale. So when the first pair split apart, I sent those back to Columbia Sportswear and starting using the second pair. Now the second pair has broken the same way too and so off they go. I'm now using the weird shoes from Steve & Barry's that have both velcro and laces. Hope these last longer.

I had trouble reaching the Encompass agent after getting the estimate but I got a little further on the insurance claim today. With Encompass Insurance, once you start a claim, you deal with the claim only through one insurance agent. The problem is the agent doesn't pick up the phone. So you have to leave a message and wait by the phone for a callback that may not come the same day. That felt like I was back in the pre-Internet era. Anyway, I finally got a callback more than a day after I left the first phone message, so I now have a car rental reservation arranged and paid for by Encompass to cover the two-day repair period. Whew.
Tags: boots, encompass insurance, insurance claim, warranty repair

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