Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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Friday Five

From the altfriday5:

1. When was the last time you were sick enough to stay home from work/school or get help with your at-home duties? What were your symptoms?
I don't do that very often. The last time I remember staying home was when I had a bad case of food poisoning with fever and vomiting.

2. When you're sick, do you like having people fuss over you, or would you rather be left alone? Why?
Hellooooooo, nurse!

3. Do you have health insurance, and if so, through what means? What is your view on how health insurance should be handled in this country?
I have group health insurance at work.

Back in the old country, health care was inexpensive so you could be self-insured for everything but the most catastrophic conditions. Government employees had access to special government-run clinics but my impression is not everyone who is eligible uses those because those are lousy. I don't think there is necessarily anything wrong with health insurance in this country. The problem is medical costs are high. The reason for that is another question.

4. Do you ever call out sick, even when you're not really that sick? Do you ever feel guilty calling out sick even when you are sick?
No, I don't have sick days so I just take a day off.

5. What's your favorite thing to do when you're sick, if you're not sleeping (or, you know, throwing up)?
I can't remember what I did the last time I was really sick, other than just lying down between trips to the bathroom.


1. How often do you get paid?
Twice a month.

2. Do you tend to splurge a little on (or shortly after) pay day

3. What are the few days leading up to pay day like for you?
Like any other day. I actually don't notice until I see the deposit entry in my checking account.

4. If you had the option, would you like to be paid daily for each day's work?
Makes no practical difference to me.

5. When did you get your first paycheck and what was it for?
In 1992. That's for a part-time (weekends only) newspaper delivery job when I was in college.

From thefridayfive:

1. What tastes best covered in chocolate?
Fried fish.

2. Why do you eat chocolate the way you do (or don't)?
I don't have chocolate very often except after Easter and Halloween when it goes on sale. So why do I eat chocolate the way I do? Because I got a good deal. :)

3. Do you know how chocolate is made?
Google replaces knowledge. :)

4. If you knew you would live 5 years longer if you never ate any chocolate again, would you give it up?
I don't have chocolate that often so it won't be a big deal. On the other hand, it depends on the quality of life in that extra 5 years.

5. Have you ever had carob?
Not that I can recall.
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