Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Snow Day in March

Stamford Museum on Maple Sugar Sunday

There was about 6 inches of snow overnight. The office was closed due to inclement weather so I went back to sleep. The snow stopped in the afternoon. By that time, I had everything prepared so I could do all the banking, mailing, and shopping in one trip. The roads weren't that bad. There were patches of snow here and there but the town is pretty good at removing snow from roads.

Of course, the mail still got through. I got a check from Encompass Insurance for the bumper damage. This isn't closure yet because I still have to go get that repaired but it's a step. I also got a letter of apology from Burger King Corporation. Okay, I think we need the backstory for this.

I'd been going to the Burger King in Ramsey because it is centrally located to most of my errands and because BK often sends me coupons in the mail. Most of the staff there is Hispanic. They talk amongst themselves in Spanish all the time but since I don't understand Spanish, their conversation didn't concern me. During my last half-dozen or so visits to this BK, I noticed that they used a certain word rather often. They were probably saying that before but it was only recently that I started noticing it. Intrigued, I looked it up on the web. It is a racial slur. Of course, since my source for that is Urban Dictionary, I have to take the definitions with a grain of salt but if there is even a bit of truth to that, it is an interesting revelation. It was so interesting that I was compelled to write a letter to BK Corporation to share my little discovery. They wrote back agreeing that it was rude and racist, and that they would forward my note to the restaurant management. Nevertheless, I likely won't be going back to this BK location.

Thanks to Damian K., who shared the photos he took at Maple Sugar Sunday. I'm including two of his photos below to show all the characters that were present. The squirrel mascot wasn't one of ours but he was fun to play with.

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