Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

The Curious Incident of the Package that Wasn't There

Stamford Museum on Maple Sugar Sunday

It seems like this year I've just been lurching from one screw-up to another, and most of those were caused by other people. This latest one got resolved fairly quickly though. It started yesterday afternoon when I got a shipment notice on a back-ordered item. I checked the UPS tracking number and saw that it had already been delivered at 3:11pm. Odd, I thought. I was there at 3:11pm but didn't hear anyone at the door and didn't see a package on my way out. I took a look again when I got home but didn't see the package. Checked the front and back entrances and all the way around. Also checked the other road where mail sometimes gets misdelivered but didn't see anything. Talked to a few neighbors but they didn't see anything either.

So I called UPS to find out what happened. They could only tell me the same thing as the online tracking system, that the package had been left by the back door. They advised me to contact the shipper to order a trace on the package. I did that by email. This afternoon, there was a ring on my doorbell. My neighbor had brought the package over. What a relief! It turned out that the UPS driver brought the package to the wrong street number. My neighbor explained that it was probably because her last name was similar to the town where the package came from, but I think the UPS driver just slipped up. Thank goodness for honest neighbors. Anyway, here it is. I'll set it up later.

This evening, I went to the Circuit City liquidation sale in Paramus. I figured there wouldn't be anything good since it is the last 3 days of the sale but I had to take a look anyway. The prices weren't that good from what I saw. It seems that they took the 80% discount off prices that are higher than their usual store prices. If you aren't really getting a good discount and you can't return the item if it doesn't work, what's the point? I also went to Garden State Plaza to take care of a few errands. At the food court, I had pretzel and chicken sandwich. Those were from "buy one get one free" deals so I took the extras home for tomorrow's lunch.
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