Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island

58-65°F. Went out to Long Island to visit some geocaches in the northern half of the island since my last few trips were to the southern half. It started out sunny but the clouds rolled in some time in the afternoon and then it started raining lightly.

I was in Setauket at the "Panda's Delight" site. I'd just found the cache in a bamboo grove and was heading back to where I'd parked. (which, incidentally, wasn't the right place because I didn't know which dead-end road led to the designated parking area) I passed one of the locals and we did the friendly exchange of "hello"s. He turned around and warned me about a nasty guy in the park who was accosting people. He told me that the fellow was hiding in the other bamboo grove by the pond. Good thing it wasn't the bamboo grove where the cache was. This is a first though. I've run into nasty locals on Long Island before but this is the first time, one of the locals warned me about a nasty local. Maybe one day there'll be a sign in the park about nasty locals.

Got dinner and did some minor grocery shopping in Flushing Chinatown. Due to the time change, I arrived there at a later hour. I noticed that some restaurants and stores close at 8pm, so the later you get there, the fewer your choices. This time, I had curry chicken with potato and house special dumpling soup at Curry Leaves. The curry chicken was okay but not nearly as spicy as their dried curry chicken. Just like surgery, one word can make a world of difference. After that, I had an egg custard at Vanilla Cafe. I got a 20% discount because it was almost closing time. No surprises here. The egg custard tasted exactly the way I thought it would.

Tags: curry leaves, flushing chinatown, geocaching, long island, vanilla cafe

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