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Proxomitron and DOCTYPE?

Just when I thought everything was okay... In last night's entry, I described how setting the DOCTYPE in certain ways will toggle a switch within IE6 so that it renders CSS formatting correctly. Well, Proxomitron breaks that. :(

Proxomitron is a pretty nifty web filter. It is set up as a web proxy between your web browser and the web, and does all kinds of useful things to the http data. Among other things, it kills popup windows, removes ad banners, removes blinking text, removes cookies, inserts userid/password information, blocks images from sites you choose, stops auto-refresh, and so on.

For some of those tricks though, Proxomitron injects Javascript code into the HTML. The problem is it inserts the code before the DOCTYPE. In order for IE to recognize the DOCTYPE, that declaration has to be the first line in the HTML so Proxomitron effectively invalidates the DOCTYPE!

At this time, I don't know if anything can be done about web filters that prepend code. Perhaps the only real solution is for Microsoft to abandon the DOCTYPE toggle scheme and just make IE render CSS correctly all the time. Fat chance of that happening.
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