Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Hummer H3 and White Castle

White Castle

I dropped my car off at Ramsey Auto Body this morning for the bumper repair. Then I got a rental car at Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Mahwah. Encompass Insurance has a policy of providing a rental of the same kind of vehicle as the one that was damaged. Since my car is a mid-sized SUV, they got me a mid-sized SUV rental. So what I got was a Hummer H3. This is mid-sized?? It's huge. It drives like a big, heavy vehicle and acceleration is a leisurely affair. (because I haven't learnt to step harder on the gas pedal) It is difficult to park properly because I could not see the parking space lines from where I was seated. (which explains why people who drive large SUVs sometimes take up two parking spaces) It's also hard to hear much above the roar of the engine. On the plus side, it offers plenty of leg room (This is the first automobile I've driven in which I didn't have to make the seat go all the way back.) and is quite comfortable. I think it's an interesting experience to drive one around for a few days since I'm not likely to own one.

In the afternoon, I took the Hummer H3 out for a land assault on the W.C Craving geocache. It's in the wooded area behind White Castle in Nanuet. The cache took all of two minutes to walk up to and find. Then I went into White Castle and had a pile of burgers.
Tags: enterprise rent-a-car, geocaching, hummer h3, nanuet, ramsey auto body, white castle

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