Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Closure and Nelkin

Samuel Nelkin County Park

Ramsey Auto Body was done with my car this morning so they didn't take a full two days to do the job. It was only a bit over a day. So I returned the Hummer H3 and got my car back. It now has a brand new bumper, so please don't rear-end it. I don't want to have to deal with this mess again. After that, I went to downtown Ramsey for lunch and errands. At the post office, the postal clerk said I looked very happy when I was buying stamps. No kidding. This is the first time in 3 weeks I have closure on everything.

The weather didn't look that bad in the evening. It was only a very light rain. After the DST changeover, the sun sets at 7pm so I figured I had enough time for a geocache 13 miles away. So I went for Samuel Nelkin County Park Cache in Wallington. However, I went the long way because I missed an exit and there was a lot of rush hour traffic, so I arrived at the park at dusk. Even so, it didn't take long to find the geocache. It was in the 3rd tree I checked.

After that, I went to Garden State Plaza to run an errand and get something to eat. I had another Auntie Anne's coupon so I got a cinnamon sugar pretzel and pretzel stix. I thought I would just eat those there and then have a light dinner at home but hours later, I'm still not hungry. Pretzel diet? :) I saw half a dozen pretzel stands while walking around the mall so there seems to be quite a bit of redundancy. Are pretzels really that popular with the weekend mall crowd?
Tags: garden state plaza, geocaching, pretzels, ramsey auto body, wallington

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