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Why I'm Not A Food Critic VI

And with this, I have written an entry for every day in February!

Michaels has a sale on Canson and Strathmore artist pads (sketchpads, newsprint pads, marker pads, etc...) this week. So now I have enough Canson pads for maybe the next five years. (Not that I do much with those these days anyway.)

Went to the Palisades Center Mall this evening to purchase a phone accessory and generally take a walk around. I noticed that Mickey Mantle's on the fourth floor has closed for good! That's pretty shocking. It lasted what... half a year? In fact, the website still says "Visit our new location in Palisades Center..."

Finally took the plunge and went to Stir Crazy on the fourth floor of the Palisades Center Mall. It's just outside the theater. This is a new restaurant but I don't remember what used to be there or if that was just a blank spot.

Once I got past the row of Buddhas (Just wondering... Do Buddhists mind that their religious symbols are being used in that way?) and the weird things with flames, the interior was a more subdued dining area in an orange and black motif. (Okay, that didn't sound subdued at all but it is.)

Of course, I ordered the signature dish, which is the Make A Stir where you pick the stuff you want and the sauces and hand them to the chef for the stir frying. Yes, that's pretty much like a Mongolian Barbecue. Anyway, I made my choices of meat (I picked fish) and rice/noodles. (I picked the flat noodles or what would be known as chow fun elsewhere.)

The waiter went away for a bit and came back with one medium bowl and one small bowl. He explained the former was for the vegetables and the latter was for the sauce. So I went to the vegetable bar and filled the bowl. Then I squished it all into the bowl and filled it up again. :) Made sure to add more of the tofu and mushrooms. Then I went to the sauces area and made a concoction of peanut sauce, curry sauce and a bit of hot sauce. Brought it over to the chef. He brought out a wok, added oil and heated it up. Then he tossed both bowls of stuff in, added some water and flipped it around for a bit. Then he added the fish and, last of all, the noodles. After more time over the fire and more flipping, it was ready.

Not bad at all!

If there's a next visit, I'll try the satay and the curry noodles bowl.

By the way, do restaurant servers find it annoying when customers talk their ears off for minutes on end? Not bringing up any examples in particular but I've seen that happen in the past. I don't think the wait staff have a choice in that matter because either it's restaurant policy for them to be polite and listen or they want a big tip. But then again, perhaps I'm reading this all wrong. Maybe they really do enjoy listening as customers go into every last detail of their fishing trip to Lake George. (That's just something I made up, okay? Don't sue!) If that's the case, maybe I should bring up a bit more conversation instead of limiting myself to one line on the weather or the stock market or my not being able to find anything on the web about the brown car SNL skit. :)

Or maybe those customers need to get their own Livejournals. :)

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