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Friday Five

From thefridayfive:

It's the "stranded on a desert island" question! You can only take one thing from each category. What is it and why are you taking it?

1. A food that can be planted and regrown.
A peanut butter sandwich tree. Okay, the premise is silly because people who get stranded on a desert island wouldn't know beforehand that they'll get stranded on a desert island. They'd be on a cruise ship, for example, and they'd assume that it's a normal 3-hour tour.

2. A person you haven't seen in a long time.
Hmm... I wonder who's good at building boats.

3. A book you (were) read as a child.
A book on building boats?

4. A celebrity.
A celebrity who can build boats.

5. The entire episode run of a television show (it's a very nice desert island).
Was there a television show about building boats? There's electrical power for the television on a desert island? Well, I guess if you knew you'd be stranded, you'd bring a generator too. Or solar panels, perhaps.


1. Would you say 2009 so far is meeting expectation, exceeding expectations, or failing to meet expectations?
My expectations for 2009 were very low, actually. As long as we don't break out into civil war over "Eat The Rich" politics, then it'll actually not disappoint.

2. What letter grade would you give yourself for your performance at work or school?
A+++++++++++ .... +++
What? You asked me to grade myself, right? :)

3. On a scale from 1 to 10, how happy have you been with the weather so far in 2009?
7. It was winter so what do you expect?

4. Which of the Motion Picture Association of America's film ratings would you give your social life so far in 2009?
G. However, there were some PG parts because I've encountered people who used foul language.

5. 2009's parents are on the phone and want to know how 2009 can improve its performance. What have been 2009's areas of strength and what are its areas for growth in the second quarter?
Strength? Haha. Areas for growth? Again, haha! If we actually survive the Helicopter Ben's ambitious monetization of long bonds and agency MBS, that would be plenty. 2009 should be made to go sit in the corner for a while.

From altfriday5:

1. What is your earliest memory?
Learning to read at the age of 2. A few more memories before that but not much.

2. What is your earliest memory of being aware of your race? How about gender? Socio-economic status? Religious identity?
I didn't think about it until I went to school.

3. What kinds of things do you remember easily? What's hard for you to remember?
1. Food and places connected to food. I can't believe I can still remember some of the food I ate more than 20 years ago. For example, there used to be a Long John Silver's in Singapore with an all-wooden interior that looked like the inside of a ship and their restroom had a sign saying "Necessary Room". Also, the crunchy bits that came with their fish were really good.

4. What do you think of as the first historical or political event you were aware of?
Detention without trial of opposition party leaders back in the old country under an outdated law that was actually meant to stop communists. I was 14 at the time, certainly old enough to be politically aware.

5. How connected do you feel like your childhood memories are to those of others of your generation? Does that still influence you today? If so, how?
I don't know. Childhood memories haven't come up in conversation much.
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