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SJG Breakfast Event, South Jersey, and Central Jersey

On Saturday, I woke up and 5am and drove two hours to attend SJG's March Meet & Eat. It was a breakfast event at Old Country Buffet in Deptford. I thought I was a few minutes late but people were still gathering outside the restaurant. Then we all went in and took over one section of the dining area. It was a fine time. There were some folks I hadn't seen since breakfast a year ago, and some I hadn't seen since two years ago. I had lots of breakfast foods and ice cream too.

After breakfast, it was a nice sunny day. So Grunriese and I went out for a geocache marathon. Although he was from South Jersey, there were still many geocaches in that particular area that he hadn't done so we could both log finds on those. We hit 23 geocaches, some easy and some hard. I was glad to have his help because some of those geocaches took quite a bit of searching. After that, it got dark so we went our separate ways. On the way to dinner, I did one last geocache in the dark since it was close to a strip mall parking lot. Then I had chicken strips at Wawa in Runnemede before taking a 2-hour drive home, arriving just before midnight.

On Sunday, I went geocaching mostly in Central Jersey but with a few North Jersey caches. It was another sunny day although the clouds did roll in later in the afternoon. Many of the caches were Sue & Barry puzzle caches. I'd solved those puzzles before heading out so all I needed to do for each one was hike out to the solution coordinates. I finished the day with a bunch of easier geocaches and went to Ruby Tuesday at Garden State Plaza in Paramus for dinner. I had chicken pot pie with salad bar. Compared to the salad bar entree, the chicken pot pie with salad bar combo was only a dollar more so I figured I might as well get the chicken pot pie.

Geocaches on Saturday:

Shoppers Lane (New Jersey)
Swing Batter, Swing (New Jersey)
Stick to it! (New Jersey)
Leaning Tower of Treesa (New Jersey)
We 3 Kings... (New Jersey)
Stairway to my heart (New Jersey)
Remains (New Jersey)
Tanks For The Cache (New Jersey)
Deep in the heart of the Branches (New Jersey)
Third Time's The Charm! (New Jersey)
Fool on the Hill (New Jersey)
Break Back Run (New Jersey)
10th Birthday Cache (New Jersey)
Pooh's Reflecting Spot (New Jersey)
Riverwoods Walk (New Jersey)
Entwood (New Jersey)
The Teahouse is back (New Jersey)
For a smilie... (New Jersey)
Synnott's Pond (New Jersey)
Public Opinion Poll (New Jersey)
A Place to Retire (New Jersey)
Sooty's Stash (New Jersey)
Off the Beaten Path (New Jersey)
follow the winding path (New Jersey)
SJG's March Meet & Eat (New Jersey)

Geocaches on Sunday:

Downtown/ Main street USA: Bloomingdale, NJ (New Jersey)
Damn that's a lot of Dog Food! (New Jersey)
Tiny Often Empty Park: New Providence, NJ (New Jersey)
Sneeky Cop (New Jersey)
Damn that's a lot of Mayo! (New Jersey)
The Bridge That Once Was (New Jersey)
Rahway Cache #2 - Industries, Now & Then (New Jersey)
Rahway Cache #3 - The Carriage City of the World (New Jersey)
Rahway Cache #4 - The Theater (New Jersey)
Rahway Cache #1 - The Battle of Spanktown (New Jersey)
"The Bloody Carpet" - An Inspector Seeall Mystery (New Jersey)
Have you ever really looked at a $1 Bill? #3 (New Jersey)
Hilarious Gene Names & we don't mean Calvin's! (New Jersey)
Have you ever really looked at a $1 Bill? #1 (New Jersey)
Mill Creek Point (New Jersey)
Fringe Dwellers (New Jersey)

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