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Yaris, Ramapo Reservation, Palisades Center Coupon Tour

McMillan Reservoir, Ramapo County Reservation

Yesterday, I took the car to the service department in Mahwah for the 100,000-mile service. (Odometer reading was 101,820.) It was supposed to be a mere one-hour wait but I ended up having to leave the car there overnight because they stripped the oil pan screw and had to replace the whole thing. The loaner this time was a Toyota Yaris. This is the 2-door model. It's a small car but it sacrifices a lot of the back so the driver's compartment actually has some room. The engine isn't high-powered but the lightness of the car makes up for that so it passes the steep hill test. (Steep incline on Lake St. on the way home.)

The next day, I waited for the phone call from the service department but it never came, so I called them late in the afternoon to ask if my car was ready. It was. They didn't call because the home phone number they had in their records didn't work. The one they had was for the landline that I canceled last year but I was sure I gave them my cell phone number 2 visits ago. So I went and got my car and to celebrate, I headed out further to Ramapo County Reservation in Mahwah. I didn't go all the way up the mountain this time. I only went up to the level of the McMillan Reservoir. I used the Schuber Trail. Squirrel Your Nuts was along the way (0.5 mile from parking lot) so I got that one. It's near some stone ruins. Then I continued going 0.6 mile up the Schuber Trail. This stretch was steeper and rockier. When I reached the West shore of McMillan Reservoir, I found Ivan Meets GI Joe. Then I took the silver trail back to the parking lot. (Asphalt path. Fast, easy downhill.) Round trip was a bit over 2 miles, I think.

After that, I went to Palisades Center Mall in West Nyack. After getting a few items I needed, it was time for the dinner coupon tour. First, I went to Qdoba on the 4th level for chips and queso. The loyalty card sends me that bonus every year. Then I went to Johnny Rockets on the 2nd level for burger and fries and a mocha shake. The coupon was for the shake. I noticed that Johnny Rockets has changed their pricing scheme to be somewhat similar to Red Robin, i.e. they charge more for the burgers but each burger now comes with all-you-can-eat fries. There was wi-fi internet but it came from the Apple Store one level down.
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