Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Campgaw Mountain

It rained yesterday so I saved the Campgaw Mountain trek for this evening when the weather was better. So this evening, I went for Mahwah Overlook. The cache description refers to the blue trail but I took the red trail (picture is of a weird tree I saw along the way) instead. It went almost to the same location. The only off-trail part of the hike was a 450-foot walk across relatively open woods up a bit of an incline. Round trip was about 1 mile and it was a lot easier than the Ramapo Reservation hike on Wednesday. I also met Accbd in the parking area. He was leaving at the time when I arrived.

After that, I went to Boston Market in Mahwah and I had baked whitefish. I didn't know they had fish. It was something the cashier suggested and apparently, it's available on Fridays until Easter. Also, this Boston Market added two sides to the dish instead of one side as the ad states. I think the fish is quite good. They ought to make it a permanent item on the menu.
Tags: boston market, campgaw mountain, geocaching, mahwah
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