Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Central Jersey

Cloudy and very windy. 57°F. Went geocaching in Central Jersey but I was just all over the place. I actually started in Northern New Jersey (Secaucus), went south and across Central Jersey, and finished in East Hanover, which is also North Jersey. Did some interesting hikes in Losen Slote, Eagle Rock Reservation, and Chimney Rock / Washington Valley, which is more than I thought I'd do given my low energy level today.

Actually ate twice for dinner. The 15th cache of the day, "Teenie Weenie", was just outside Genie's Weenies, a hot dog place. So I went in and had a chili dog. Then I went for the 16th cache of the day, "Joseph Bono, Jr. Memorial Cache", up in East Hanover. It was dark (8pm) by then but the wooded area, which is next to an industrial complex, reminded me of some geocache sites in Northern Delaware. Over there, they seem to like placing geocaches in wooded areas by office complexes, industrial complexes, medical complexes, etc, and yes, I've been to those at night too, sometimes as part of a group hunt after a geocaching meetup.

So tonight, I was using a flashlight and looking around in the dark woods not very successfully. As I was wondering if I should give up and leave it for another time, I happened to see the cache. Great! After that, I had dinner #2, which was at the nearby Baja Fresh in East Hanover. I had pork nachos.

Tags: baja fresh, central jersey, genie's weenies, geocaching, north jersey

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