Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Queens and Long Island

Sunny and 57°F. Not as windy as the day before. I went geocaching on Long Island but I started a bit to the west so the first few geocaches were in the Far Rockaway section of Queens. "By the sea" was in a particularly strange area of the Rockaways. There was a set of abandoned roads with potholes and dangerous open manholes. The buildings had long since been torn down. I was surprised to find unused land like this in New York City because if developed, this could turn into some pretty expensive waterfront property. I asked an old-timer what this area was and he told me there used to be houses. Of course, just because the land is abandoned, it doesn't mean that no one is using it. People were walking around. There was a group of people training beagles in the vicinity. (They hadn't gotten the "trained" part down yet so the beagles were running around all the bushes.)

Then I headed over to Suffolk County. Hiked and cached at Hedges Creek, Post Morrow, and Terrell River. In the evening, I went to Flushing Chinatown. Since I went geocaching right up to dusk, it was past 9pm by the time I got back to Flushing. I've been going to Flushing on Sundays because parking is free on that day, but I think from now until the fall, I don't need to be concerned about that. They only charge for parking until 10pm, so if I get there at 9pm or later, it won't cost more than a dollar. For dinner, I went to Curry Leaves and had asam laksa and rojak. Asam laksa is noodles, onions, and pineapple in a hot and sour fish soup. It packs a punch but I'm somewhat used to it so I don't find it terribly hot or sour any more. Rojak is a mix of stuff (mango, jicama, crackers, squid, cucumber, crushed peanuts) in a special sweet sauce. The menu says it is a spicy dish but it didn't seem hot at all to me.

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