Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Headless Giraffe

Lotus Woods

64°F. It was a rainy day but I went out for The Headless Giraffe geocache anyway because it wasn't far away. It's in Lotus Woods, a wooded area in Oradell surrounded by houses. In case you were wondering about the cache name, yes, there is a headless giraffe. The cache owner found a toy giraffe and cut off its head so that it would fit in the ammo box. So why again do people think we are weird?

I did the cache during my lunch break but I left for lunch at 5pm, so it was more like an early dinner. No matter. After I was done with the cache, I went over to Paramus Park Mall. The nice thing about the food court in this mall is I actually had Sunday newspaper coupons for 3 of the vendors. I picked the two best coupons in my collection and had a Southwest chicken flatbread from Dunkin Donuts and fish and chips from Nathan's.

Probably against my better judgment, I acquired some BRK.B for my IRA. (I actually didn't bust the income cap for Roth IRA contributions in 2008, which is good because I'll have a bit more to play with in that account.) I was curious about GEICO's shareholder discount so I emailed customer service today to inquire. Within a few hours, a customer service representative replied. Yes, that discount exists but they can't give it to me because I already have another affiliate group discount on my insurance policy. Oh well.
Tags: dunkin donuts, geico, geocaching, nathan's, oradell, paramus park
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