Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

How many more weeks of winter?

Visited two caches in Morris and Somerset Counties. Stopped by a few more but did not attempt them because either the parking lot itself was under 18 inches of partially frozen snow or the caches were up on a mountain ridge. I think going through shin-deep snow when it is flat is bearable. Going through the same snow up and down hills for more than a mile? No thanks.

Far Too Proud, a virtual in Flanders, is not too far from US-206. Amusing sign but I don't think it is something you'll encounter in the winter.

Dwayne of Beekman Lane, in Somerville, is also not too far from US-206 but 25 miles to the South. This is a very clever hide but you can figure it out by reading the cache description and Mr. Magoo's online log. Or at least that's how I figured it out. Then when I went there, it was where I thought it would be. So it was a quick find.
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