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Philly "Who cares about the snow?" Cache Dash

So what if there was heavy rain? I went to Philadelphia.

First stop was to the Valley Forge National Historical Park to see Forgotten Monument? Interesting area. Also took a look at some soldiers' huts, Revolutionary era army housing. Not up to Fort Dix standards, of course. :)

Then I headed up Route 422 to Egypt Cache in Phoenixville. This eluded me before because the trail was closed... except I found out today that I didn't need to use the trail! Duh. Very easy and I noticed that the log book had been signed by the "Bridge Inspector" only three days before. Is that for real?

In driving around the Philly suburbs, I've learnt that three times the distance on highways is still faster than trying to find my way around the twisted local roads. So I went back down 422 to US-202, to I-76 to I-476 (Blue Route) to US-30 to Bark Park. Boy, that's a whole bunch of highways. This cache was just a quick dash through a snowy field. Then I plunged into shin-deep snow and found it right away. Nice and easy.

Back to US-30 to Route 320 to MLF3: Stumped. This is a two-part virtual cache but the sculptures at both locations are similar in theme. Nice collection of animals. The first location was near Villanova so they were decorated in what I presume are Villanova colors. Cute.

Back out to US-30, I-476, I-276 (PA Turnpike, just for one lousy exit) to Route 309 to Piggy Cache. Lots of frozen ground here. I wasn't sure if I was walking on regular ground for part of the way. It was a sheet of ice so it could have been a very large puddle. This cache is enormous and too obvious (because Bam! I saw it right away) but I defer to the judgement of the cache owner and hope it won't be stolen. I think Mermaid Park (yes, that's the name of the park) will be beautiful in the Spring but now it's just alternating ice and snow, with running water under the ice sheets.

Since I didn't know or care to find the backroute into Philly, I went out Route 309 back to I-276 to I-476 to I-76 to I-676 (that's the long way but fast and easy) to 8th Street (passing Chinatown) all the way to Right on the money. Surprised myself by finding street parking not far from the location. Isn't this normally supposed to be difficult? I think this location isn't too far from the famous cheesesteak places but I didn't remember exactly where those were so I didn't seek them out.


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