Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

West Milford mini cache run

Weird weather today. It snowed this morning. Then in the afternoon, it rained only on one side of the road and I noticed that because only half of my car got wet as I was returning from lunch. Looks like one of those days when the weather is defying all weather forecasts. In the evening, the weather was mild (about 50°F) and merely cloudy, so I headed out to Hewitt and West Milford. There were a bunch of quick geocaches out there and I'd been waiting for daylight to get long enough for me to sweep them all after work.

The first two, WM Park and Ride and Hardware Hide, are at parking lots. Then I went to Sand Cap ballfield for 3 more: Mini at Sand Cap, Don't let the Beavers Eat Me, and Sharing the Nut Hide Out. "Mini" is near the ballfield and the other two are a short walk down a woods road. After that, it was dusk but I couldn't resist going for The Monksville Cache on the way out. It's next to the Monksville Reservoir boat launch.

After that, I went to Palisades Center. Didn't get to do much shopping this time because of lack of time. I had dinner at Johnny Rockets, using my last repeat customer discount. (They aren't issuing that coupon any more.) I had a tuna melt with fries and a root beer float. Also had a refill of fries, of course. I took a look at the food court before leaving the mall. Four vendors have gone out of business! Not that I was ever a fan of this food court, but what's going on in this mall?
Tags: geocaching, hewitt, johnny rockets, palisades center, west milford

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