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Central Jersey, Long Island, Paramus Event

Saturday was a rainy day and almost consistently 46°F the whole day. I didn't have a solid plan for the day so I started in Elizabeth and kept going to the nearest unfound geocache on the GPS, skipping anything that would require too much walking in the rain. That somehow brought me down through the Amboys and deep into Monmouth County.

wrench001's bad attitude cache was quite an adventure on a rainy day. I knew from the description that the cache was in a swamp but it was less than 800 feet from where I parked so I wondered how bad it could be. Well, aside from having to step over junk in the woods and hop over a few streams, it wasn't that bad until I saw where the cache was. It was on a little island in the swamp. At the closest point, there was still about 15 feet of water between me and that island. So I took off my shoes and socks, rolled up my pants, and waded across. The water was COLD but it was only a few steps to the cache so it wasn't that bad.

The rain stopped at around 4pm, so I went for a walk in Huber Woods in Middletown. That turned into a 2-mile hike to finish off all the geocaches in that park. Then I finished the day with a beach walk and a few more easy geocaches on my way to dinner at Ruby Tuesday in East Brunswick. I had the broccoli and cheese quiche combo with salad bar, of course.

Sunday was a sunny day but very windy and not much warmer than the day before. After getting FTF on a new cache in Ridgewood, I went over to Long Island for the usual west-to-east sweep. The highways were very busy on Easter. I don't remember traffic being this bad in prior years but Easter Sunday has become a major travel day both towards and away from the city.

It was a unusual day of getting assistance from and then giving assistance to complete strangers. First, at Grace and Grandma, I was checking a pine tree for a microcache when one of the locals came by. She had been searching the tree with a group of geocachers a few days before, so she knew where it was and could point me to the correct side of the tree to check. That saved quite a bit of time.

After that, when I got onto Sunrise Highway, I had a sudden craving for Taco Bell. I didn't know why though. On most Long Island trips, I don't go to Taco Bell. There was one right on Sunrise Highway in Lindenhurst so that's where I went. What happened next was equally odd. I missed the Taco Bell parking lot and parked on the adjacent street. Weird but no matter. I just walked back to Taco Bell and had Triple Layer Nachos and a crunchy taco, two value items. When I was done, I returned to where I had parked and I saw a car with a dead battery right there. It's interesting how all the preceding events had put me at the correct time and location to help someone. I knew the routine. I took out my portable battery and jump-started his car. (The funny thing is ever since I got this jump-start kit, I've only been using it on other people's cars, not my own.)

The rest of the day was pretty much uneventful. When I was done geocaching, I noticed that all the restaurants were closed early for Easter Sunday, so I went to Flushing Chinatown for dinner. (I probably would've done that anyway, Easter or not.) At Curry Leaves, I had Hainanese chicken, which came with a plate of oily rice (rice flavored with chicken stock), and bitter melon and pork soup. The Hainanese chicken rice was quite authentic, although it's such a simple dish that I'm not sure how any Malaysian restaurant could screw that up. As for the bitter melon and pork soup, I don't think I've had that back in the old country so I can't say whether it was authentic but it was pretty good nevertheless.

Monday evening, I went to seek Just a Micro in Hawthorne. It's in a wooded area next to the Passaic River. When I entered the wooded area, I saw bms302 already looking for the cache. He had the same idea of going for this cache just before the geocaching event in Paramus. I joined in the search and found it.

After that, I did some banking at the nearby TD Bank and then went to Panera Bread in Paramus for Sippin Coffee & Talkin Geocachin (April). It was a small event with only a few people because not everyone had arrived yet. I traded some travel bugs but didn't stay for dinner because I had a few things to do at Garden State Plaza. I had a $4 coupon from my visit to Ruby Tuesday on Saturday so I went to Ruby Tuesday in Garden State Plaza and had turkey minis with salad bar, of course.

Geocaches on Saturday:

Chinster & Flower Power FTF Prize Cache (New Jersey)
LIGHT BERGADE # 4park n grab (New Jersey)
LIGHT BERGADE#3 park n grab (muffen) (New Jersey)
LIGHT BERGADE 1 park n grab (New Jersey)
Beachcombing at Bayshore Waterfront Park (New Jersey)
CJCC: Foxtrot (New Jersey)
Tigger's Terrain (New Jersey)
Troll House (New Jersey)
Many Moms Run (New Jersey)
LPC - The Evil Clown of Middletown (New Jersey)
CJCC: Victor (New Jersey)
wrench001's bad attitude cache (New Jersey)
TGPTBM - Tourist Spot - Central Jersey (New Jersey)
Home Run - Center Field! (New Jersey)
I Cannot Tell A Lie (New Jersey)
CJCC: Mike (New Jersey)
Midnight Boredom (New Jersey)
Elmora Hills # 1 (New Jersey)
Elmora Hills # 3 (New Jersey)

Geocaches on Sunday:

micro party (New York) found me (New York)
Griffindr (New York)
Out-A-Here (New York)
Rainman (New York)
Cachalicious (New York)
Come Line Dance with Me (New York)
HKB-4 WooHoo - It's our GeoAnniversary cache (New York)
Grace and Grandma (New York)
Happy 1,000 hallycat! (New York)
Batter Up - Michaelis Park- Rockaway Bch (New York)
Down The Shore -- Jamaica Bay Micro (New York)
Fridays Cache (New Jersey)

Geocaches on Monday:

Sippin Coffee & Talkin Geocachin (April) (New Jersey)
Just a Micro (New Jersey)

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