Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Central Jersey monthly geocaching event

I had the day off so I decided to combine a Central Jersey geocaching trip and an evening geocaching event. I didn't think I would do many geocaches though because it looked like rain. However, the rain clouds went away and it became a sunny day. The ground was still wet and muddy and I slipped and fell in the mud while attempting to cross a small creek, so I'll be doing the laundry again soon. But it's worth it!

Kevtel81 has placed quite a number of geocaches on the Rutgers University campus. The Watchers is near the Busch Campus Center so after finding the cache, I went inside to take a look. It's a food court with a Burger King, a deli, and a pizza place. I remember when my school added a food court. I didn't get to use it though because construction finished only near the end of my last semester there. However, I really didn't care because the campus was in Manhattan and I could just as easily walk out and get better food at any of the neighborhood eateries.

After I had gotten 15 geocaches, I went to Fuddruckers in New Brunswick for Third Tuesday Beer and Burgers - 2009 Edition. I actually arrived in the middle of the event. It started at 7:30pm, I got there at 8:30pm, and it ended at around 9:30pm when everyone headed out to seek Their Bodies Rest, a new geocache that's just a block from the restaurant. I had nachos with chicken at Fuddruckers. It's fun food and actually cheaper than most of their burger platters. I noticed an AAA sticker at the restaurant entrance so I asked for the discount and got 10% off. Nice.

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