Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Earth Day

Yesterday, I came across a list of Earth Day free stuff, which, if you think about it, goes against the spirit of the day. Nevertheless, I did go for some of those items. I got the aluminum foil. I didn't go to Walgreen's because there isn't one that is easy for me to get to from here. In the evening, I went to Palisades Center. Raided my recycling bin for a few bottles to recycle at the Disney Store to get a free water bottle. Yes, I traded three bottles for one bottle. Wonder how that makes sense, but it is a Disney bottle. :) The Target store was out of free reusable tote bags by that time, but no matter. I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to use the coupon for six free wings. Then, since it was 50-cent Wings Wednesday, I also got some boneless wings.

One thing I forgot to mention from Saturday is my car got rear-ended again. The reason why it slipped my mind is there was no damage at all. I was in Highland Park, waiting in a line of cars at a traffic light. The light turned green. The guy behind me started too soon and tapped my bumper. My first thought was oh no, not again. I'd only just gotten the bumper fixed last month from the previous rear-ending and I didn't want to go through process that again. But no, when I got out to check, there wasn't a dent in the bumper. The guy's car wasn't damaged either, except that his license plate had become somewhat bent. He didn't seem to care about that though. He said it was already like that before this.
Tags: auto accident, buffalo wild wings, disney store, earth day, palisades center

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