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Metro NY Geocaching Event, Long Island, Lawrenceville Mascot Gig

Two hot and sunny days this weekend: 80°F and over on Saturday, up to 93°F on Sunday. On Saturday, I headed out to Long Island to attend the Metro NY Geocaching "Snack-Luck" Gathering picnic event at Eisenhower Park in East Meadow. There was picnic food, of course, and then we went out in groups to find all the new geocaches in the park. After that, I went off on my own and by chance, ran into Mmacgown, Sakiman, and Dog & Bear at "WRR-4K Parkway Lawns". So we did the next few geocaches together.

At the end of the day, I went to Flushing Chinatown as I usually do on Long Island trips. Since it was a Saturday, I thought I would have to pay for parking, but I noticed that all the parking meters on 39th Avenue were out of service. So I took advantage of the free parking. There were five new geocaches, the "Flushing Freedom Mile Tour" set, in the neighborhood, so I took a walk around and found all five before going to Curry Leaves for dinner. I had E-fu Noodles with Triple Delight and Chendol. The E-fu Noodles were okay but not uniquely Malaysian. Some Chinese restaurants offer that too. Chendol is a shaved ice dessert with coconut milk, red beans, and green noodles. I'd been saving this for a warm day.

On Sunday, I joined Damian K, yargo, and rapidtrabbit for a mascot gig at the Lawrenceville Main Street Jubilee. Given that the temperature was over 90°F, I was wondering how I would be able to go outside in fursuit but I was able to do the gig for 15 minutes at a stretch before retreating to the changing area, which thankfully was in an air-conditioned office. On the plus side, the people attending the street fair didn't want to stay outside for too long either so I saw a different crowd every time. On our last set, we all got invited out to the stage area for a little dance. Yes, we danced in 93°F weather. After that, I was DEAD. But it was fun.

The post-gig dinner was at Houlihan's in Princeton. We met up with tonyringtail at the restaurant. I had the Southwest Chicken Wrap. Then I got the Chocolate Cappuccino Cake, which was very decadent, for dessert.

Geocaches on Saturday:

Flushing Freedom mile Tour-St George (New York)
Flushing Freedom Mile Tour-Dan Beard (New York)
Flushing Freedom Mile Tour-Lewis H. Latimer (New York)
Flushing Freedom Mile Tour-Weeping Beech Tree (New York)
Flushing Freedom Mile Tour-Macedonia (New York)
WRR-4K Syosset-Woodbury Cache (New York)
WRR-4K Champlin Creek Nature Preserve (RPA-61) (New York)
WRR-4K Brookwood Hall RPA-60 (New York)
WRR-4K Just Another Walk About (New York)
WRR-4K Parkway Lawns (New York)
WRR - 4K Found With No Problem (New York)
WRR-4K Brady Park (New York)
Crestline Micro (New York)
Thirsty Yet? (New York)
Do You Like Dahlia's (New York)
WRR-4K: Ferret Syrup Pot (New York)
Eisenhower Jacket (New York)
Metro NY Geocaching "Snack-Luck" Gathering (New York)
Welcome To Eisenhower Park (New York)
Back To The Beach - Rockaway Beach (New York)
Rock Rock Rockaway Beach (New York)

Geocaches on Sunday:

Fair Dinkum (New Jersey)
Ol' Vliet Open Space (New Jersey)
Time For a Cache (New Jersey)

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