Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Branchburg event, WWFM Long Island, CIA Hyde Park mascot gig

  • Took the day off.
  • Went geocaching around Central Jersey in on-and-off rainy weather.
  • Found "Dead Man's Creek #1" but location is dubious and it is a buried cache, so I reported it and it is now archived.
  • Went to "Welcome to... (Branchburg NJ) 2009" geocaching event in the evening. It was at Moe's in Branchburg. Had Close Talker with chicken.


  • Rain early but fair weather later. Went geocaching on Long Island.
  • Attended "WWFM-V Heckscher Park, Huntington" geocaching event. It was a flash mob event so it lasted only 15 minutes. Short and sweet.
  • Digital camera broke so I used the cell phone camera the rest of the weekend. Currently bidding on eBay for a replacement.
  • After the event, continued geocaching in Nassau County and then picked up more in Brooklyn and Queens. Lots of slow driving on city streets.
  • Dinner was 4 items + rice at Box Five Buffet in Flushing Chinatown. They had fried fish!


  • Fair weather early. Rain came in the afternoon, thankfully after the mascot gig.
  • Mascot gig with yargo and grizz593 was for Walk MS at CIA in Hyde Park. Funniest part was when Grizz went into the changing area and I came out shortly after, kids started asking how the bear turned into the dog.
  • Post-gig lunch was at Applebee's in Poughkeepsie. I had riblets.
  • Found most of the new geocaches south and southeast of Poughkeepsie. Did 4 before the gig and 18 afterwards. The latter 18 were in the rain but the ones I picked were mostly close to parking.
  • Dinner was fried fish at KFC/LJS in New Windsor. They weren't at their best. Service was slow, all the trash receptacles were full, and they had run out of plastic knives and forks. They only had spoons.

Geocaches found on Friday:

Welcome to . . . (Branchburg NJ) 2009 (New Jersey)
eyes > stomach (New Jersey)
Escapee! (New Jersey)
The Young and The Old (New Jersey)
The First Transcontinental Airmail Airport (New Jersey)
Saura's Grove (New Jersey)
Itty Bitty Bridge (New Jersey)
Love Grows Love (New Jersey)
Dead Man's Creek #1 (New Jersey)
Branch Brook North #1 - Cherry Blossom Center (New Jersey)
Branch Brook North #4 - Knot In A Tree (New Jersey)
Branch Brook North #3 - A Rocky Location (New Jersey)

Geocaches found on Saturday:

Freedom Drive Trail East (New York)
Freedom Drive Trail West (New York)
Katelyn's Cache (New York)
Behind Nick (New York)
RPA-4K Series, Ozone Park (New York)
The Giving Tree (New York)
Howard Beach #5 (New York)
WRR-4K Series/Howard Beach 6 (New York)
Around The Bend -- Inwood LI (New York)
MMACGOWN'S LADDER -- Valley Stream (New York)
WRR-4K: Upper Francis Pond Preserve #2 (New York)
WRR-4K: Upper Francis Pond Preserve #1 (New York)
WRR-4K: Waterfront View - Back again!!! (New York)
MAM's Micro #103 - Caumsett State Park (New York)
WWFM-V Heckscher Park, Huntington (New York)
WRR-4K Pine Sanctuary (New York)
Pipers Path (New York)
This Little Weedlin went to Long Island... (New York)
Park and Fall (New Jersey)

Geocaches found on Sunday:

FTF Challenge "Lilitchpin" (New York)
Trust Nature (New York)
Liberty Now Has A Country (New York)
Highway Robbery East (New York)
In The Middle Of Nowhere #1 (New York)
FTF Challenge "Venus de Milo" (New York)
Not Your Typical ... (New York)
Dutchess Ways (New York)
Ancient Scroll Caption Includes Illusion (New York)
Lift a Skirt (New York)
You Learned it in Kindergarten (New York)
FTF Challenge "Team Smokey" (New York)
2nd four of a kind (New York)
So Spooky (New York)
FTF Challenge "South Hills typical" (New York)
Ewwww (New York)
Casper Cache (New York)
Welcome to Big Blue (New York)
Short Circuit (New York)
FTF Challenge "MSTzilla" (New York)
On The Rail Again (New York)
Builders Cache (New York)

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