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Orange County and Queens

The Sun Yat Sen University alumni are having a picnic

This was the first weekend in a while that I hadn't committed to anything. No geocaching events or mascot gigs. Both days had good weather too. On Saturday, I went out to Orange County to do a bunch of new geocaches from Warwick to Middletown to Montgomery. Dinner was at Ruby Tuesday in the Middletown Galleria. I had buffalo chicken minis with salad bar. Clearly, the camera on the phone is not capable of taking pictures in low light. More on this later.

On Sunday, I brought geocache info for both Central Jersey and NYC/Long Island, so after finding one geocache in Fort Lee, I did a last-minute coin flip and went to Queens. I always put off NYC geocaches for long periods of time because of imagined difficulties in driving around, parking, and most of all, finding restrooms. The first two weren't that bad on a Sunday. As for restrooms, one of the geocache sites in Jackson Heights was near a Bed, Bath and Beyond, and they let just about anyone use the restrooms near the employee break area.

Dinner was at Curry Leaves in Flushing Center. I had curry mee with stuffed vegetables and roti canai. The "thumbs up" in the latter picture is the cook's hand. Late Sunday night is a slack time for this restaurant and everyone was hanging out in the dining area watching TV. It's a family-like atmosphere.

I'm still without a fully-functioning camera since the Nikon Coolpix L4 broke last weekend. I'd been taking pictures with the camera on the Razr V3m. This is convenient because I can email pictures from the phone to Brightkite and Flickr without any intermediate downloading/copying stages. However, as you can see from my photo links, picture quality is not good. It has no flash and no macro capability so it's only acceptable for outdoor photography in daylight. I bought a Coolpix L11 from an eBay seller but it turned out to have an undisclosed flaw: the flash doesn't fire. So I'll either return it or accept their offer of a partial refund. I'm leaning towards the latter choice because it wasn't expensive and shipping it back would eat up a big chunk of the refund. This is the test photo I took with the L11 in light-capture mode.

Geocaches on Saturday:

The Truck Stops Here (New York)
Arbor Cache (New York)
The Sound Of Silence (New York)
croton iron bridge cache (New York)
Cache seed (New York)
moonbeams end of the trail (New York)
Moonbeam's Shawangunk Ridge View (New York)
M&M minis (New York)
moonbeams multi (New York)
Aye Chihuahua! (New York)
Cache in Cannoli out (New York)
Putt Putt Cache (New York)
DD's TB Hotel (New York)
A haunting on Slaughter Road (New York)
In the Thick of It (New York)
MaRchforTh's Third Anniversary Cache (New York)
Fore! (New York)
Can't Ketchum! (New York)

Geocaches on Sunday:

Brookville Park Micro -- Rosedale (New York)
Alien Invasion (New York)
Flushing Promenade 1 (New York)
Peter and the Rock (New York)
Birthplace of a Boardgame (New York)
JH Streets of Old: Trains Meadow Road (New York)
The Modern Prometheus (New York)
Watch out! (New York)
Booty on Boody (New York)
Moore-Jackson Cemetery (New York)
Long Island City Famous Almost Landmark (New York)
Dutch Kills Mill Stones (New York)
Bond on Roosevelt Island (New York)
Bond at His Zipcar (New York)
A Revolutionary Cache (New Jersey)

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