Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Monmouth County, Allaire State Park picnic, CFF Point Pleasant mascot gig

I hadn't planned on going down to the Jersey Shore twice over the weekend but that's the way things happened. On Saturday, I went to CJG Visits Allaire State Park Spring Picnic. It was a small geocaching event with about a dozen attendees but it was nice. I did nearly all the geocaches in Allaire State Park and then found more in the general area before heading home.

Sunday's event was Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Great Strides in Point Pleasant. I was there for a Hi-4 mascot gig and our group this time was Damian K, jbadger, jdpuppy, jimwolf24, rukario71, and myself. There was a good-sized crowd but this event was noticeably shorter than it was last year. After the gig, we went to Jenkinson's boardwalk for lunch at Martell's. The food seemed a bit pricey but one would expect that at the beach. I had a sausage sandwich. After that, I got a peanut butter and chocolate swirl frozen custard at Kohr's.

After we split up, I headed generally northwards for a few geocaches. There wasn't very much time but I still got 10 geocaches before darkness fell.

Geocaches on Saturday:

LUCKY (New Jersey)
JEWEL (New Jersey)
LIGHT BERGADE # 7 park n grab (martys) (New Jersey)
Robertson Park Cache (New Jersey)
LIGHT BERGADE # 2 park n grab (New Jersey)
Another brick in the wall (New Jersey)
our ancestors (New Jersey)
Druids Hollow (New Jersey)
Druids Tree (New Jersey)
" MOUNTAIN LAUREL " (New Jersey)
Rock and Roll (New Jersey)
CJG Visits Allaire State Park Spring Picnic (New Jersey)
The Fall Of A Giant (New Jersey)
Allaire Saguaro (New Jersey)
Rocky's Hideout (New Jersey)
GSP#1 (New Jersey)

Geocaches on Sunday:

fletcher's find (New Jersey)
Fleaful's Park (New Jersey)
Greetings...from Asbury Park N.J. (New Jersey)
Greetings...from Asbury Park N.J. > Madame Maries (New Jersey)
Bridge Series Part IV (New Jersey)
Pinky and the Brain (under the weather) (New Jersey)
Guard Your Info (New Jersey)
Yacht Club 3 (New Jersey)
Wreck Pond: Old Inlet (New Jersey)
CJCC: Delta (New Jersey)

Tags: allaire state park, cff great strides, geocaching, jenkinson's, jersey shore, mascot gig, monmouth county, point pleasant
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