Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Winging Away

I had to pay the phone bill and I also had a Buffalo Wild Wings coupon, so I went to Palisades Center this evening. The coupon was for 6 free wings but required a $7 purchase. Since wings are 50 cents each on Wednesday, I bought 14 wings. Added to the 6 free wings, that makes 20. I had 10 wings with blazin' sauce and 10 wings with wild sauce. The hotter wings look less red than the less hot wings. I haven't checked if this location has the Blazin' Challenge (In short, you have to eat 12 blazin' wings in 6 minutes.) but I'm wondering if I should give that a try. I had 10 blazin' wings this evening and I certainly didn't die.

I knew this restaurant has free wi-fi internet so I brought the netbook for a bit of after-dinner web browsing. Many people still don't know about the free net access because I was still getting questions like "You're getting the internet on that?" The waitress noticed too and she asked if she could use the netbook for a minute. Turns out that she needed to check her grades at the local college. Looks like she's working her way through college. Rather admirable. I held a few jobs when I was in college too although those weren't the serious kind that paid for tuition. At best, I had food money. :)

I've already told a few dozen people at events within the last week and let slip to anyone who was reading on Twitter and Friendfeed, so I guess I should mention it here too. After 14+ years, I'll finally be moving away from here. There is a lot more to this story, not all of it public yet. I've got to write more about it some time. For now, it's the final spring cleaning. Everything I'm not bringing with me must be consumed, given away, discarded, or sold. I started last week, removing a few items a day. I'll get this done.

This evening, I started sorting through my 1000-book library. Since I still have plenty of time, I'm going to try selling some of those first before recycling or freecycling them. As I was going through the first bookcase, I came across some CDs. Remember the Pizza Hut Big Mix promo back in the year 2000? If you got a 16" pizza, it came with a website code that allowed you to build a mix CD with 6 songs and get that CD in the mail. I have two of those CDs. I don't remember which songs I chose and the label doesn't say. I suppose there's only one way to find out. I hope my taste in music wasn't too horrible back then. :)
Tags: buffalo wild wings, college, mix cd, moving, palisades center, spring cleaning

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