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My Federal tax return e-file was accepted. Good. Now I will send in the rebate coupon. (I got one free e-file with Taxcut Deluxe.)

Went to Park Ridge this afternoon to mail my State tax return. It was above 40°F. Nearly T-shirt weather. :) Quite a change from the 20°F when I went for the Sopranos - Mahwah Connection geocache yesterday. Forecast calls for higher temperatures tomorrow but with rain. We'll see.

Because of the sudden Spring-like weather, I went to Supercuts (boy, they have a strange concept of hipness :) ) in Paramus in the evening to get a haircut. This is notable only because it has been half a year since my last haircut. Wow! I can see again! :) It is probably better to get haircuts more often. But during the winter? No thanks. My head would freeze.

Update: Uploaded the photo archive I used to have at Xoom to Nothing new there but I don't think anyone has seen those in quite a while.
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