Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Memorial Day Weekend - Central Jersey, Long Island, Western NJ

Saturday: Went to Central Jersey to finish a few groups of geocaches in Passaic River Park, Glenhurst Meadows, and Duke Island Park. That last group was placed for the Duke Island Safari geocaching event earlier this month. I missed the event but caches placed for the event are still in the park so I got that part of the event experience at least. I did a lot of hiking in muddy flood plain areas on Saturday so it's a good thing I had boots. Dinner was at Fuddruckers in Parsippany, where I had chicken nachos and tomatoes with cheese. It felt weird going to Fuddruckers when there wasn't a geocaching event. I kept expecting to sign the event log or trade travel bugs at any time.

Sunday: Long Island trip. I started late so I didn't think I would have that much time but I still was able to get nearly all the new geocaches up to Moriches. Dinner was at Curry Leaves in Flushing Center. I had curry mee with chicken and roti canai. I'm pretty sure I've tried those before but when in doubt, go for the curry.

Monday: Went to Western NJ (Washington, Hampton, Bloomsbury, etc) via Route 57. I don't think it was that long since I was last there but there were quite a number of new geocaches. I was at the peak of my ability that day. All the geocaches, even the difficult ones, were a snap to find. For dinner, I did a Google search on my cell phone for a conveniently-located Ruby Tuesday and found one in Bridgewater. I had Ruby Minis with salad bar.

On Saturday evening, my phone malfunctioned to the point where it was totally unusable. The screen came up blank. Nice of it to do that at the end of the day when it would cause the least inconvenience. Fortunately, I already had a spare phone from eBay, so that night, I activated it, transferred the contacts, and installed the Opera Mini software. I've done that a few times before so it was easy. (Who needs the Sprint Store anyway? :) ) It's the same phone model except red in color instead of gray. Since both colors are around the same price on eBay, I figured I might as well get a non-drab one.

Geocaches on Saturday:

CJCC: Yankee (New Jersey)
Jungle River (New Jersey)
Zebra (New Jersey)
Black Rhino (New Jersey)
Meerkat (New Jersey)
John's Vanishing Troll Bridge (New Jersey)
Raritan Rapids (New Jersey)
Elephant (New Jersey)
Lion (New Jersey)
The Old Farm Ford (New Jersey)
Glenhurst Meadows (New Jersey)
Cory's Brook Bridge (New Jersey)
The Ford - Crossing (New Jersey)
box of rain (New Jersey)
Chipmunk Hollow (New Jersey)
Schering Wall (New Jersey)
Branch Brook North #2 - Cherry Blossom Tree (New Jersey)
Splish, Splash, your taking a bath (New Jersey)
NJCC: Greylock (New Jersey)

Geocaches on Sunday:

Brookfield Cemetery (New York)
Sedgemere Bridge (New York)
The Ugly Duckling (New York)
Washing Over The Wave 2 (New York)
Cub Scout Pack 138 Community Clean Up (New York)
Oaklawn - Brookhaven Hamlet (New York)
Open an account (New York)
DELTA-6 Horticultural Gardens (New York)
Always Massapequa (New York)
BT01- Fish "n" no chips (New York)
SAKI-4K: Merrick Road Golf Course (New York)
SAKI-4K: Norman Levy Preserve (New York)
Lunch with the Girls (New York)
Duck Duck Goose-Inwood Park L.I. (New York)
Go Jump In The Lake -- Rosedale (New York)
Throgs Neck Tolls (New York)

Geocaches on Monday:

Shelby's Playground (New Jersey)
JAB#1 (New Jersey)
JAB#2 (New Jersey)
JAB#4 (New Jersey)
Froggie Went A-Cacheing (New Jersey)
MC Tiki Man revisited (New Jersey)
Weary As Water (New Jersey)
Cove Cache (New Jersey)
Not Orange, Not Lemon, But ... (New Jersey)
Bend in the Wind (New Jersey)
The House of the Holy (New Jersey)
Cache Fish (New Jersey)
JAB#5 (New Jersey)
Spring is Super in the Supermarkets (New Jersey)
JAB#6 (New Jersey)
Bless You/Rust (New Jersey)
JAB#8 (New Jersey)
Thanks. A lot. (New Jersey)
Jab#7-- (New Jersey)
Atlantic & Pacific smalls (New Jersey)
Bobby's "Fishing" Cache at Furnance Pond (New Jersey)
Downtown/ Main Street USA: Wharton, NJ (New Jersey)
Chloe and Ally (New Jersey)

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