Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Auto Service, Central Jersey, mblatch's 1/3 Century

The car's mileage was 107,229, which is a tad over 105,000, so it was time for an oil change. Also got the air filter changed and a nail removed from a tire. I was surprised that the tire wasn't flat but sometimes the nail just stays in there.

After a quick lunch at home, I headed out to Central Jersey. I was in the mood for a bit of a walk so I did two new geocaches in Capik Preserve (1.5 miles round trip) and one in Cheesequake State Park. (around 1 mile round trip) Then I went to Rockn' Joe Coffeehouse in Westfield for the mblatch's 33-1/3 Birthday Celebration geocaching event. It was his 1/3-century milestone but I swear he didn't look a day over 33 5/16. :) I had a broccoli and cheese quiche with fruit salad.

Tags: automotive, central jersey, geocaching, geocaching event, rockn' joe
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