Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Western NJ twice

Went geocaching in Western NJ on Saturday. Found 20 geocaches in Montville, Ledgewood, Stanhope, and Allamuchy State Park. The weather was okay. The temperature topped out at a bit below 80°F. For dinner, I met up with d4b at Fuddruckers in Parsippany. We ordered together because it was my one chance to use a Fuddruckers coupon for two. I had nachos with chili and made a Fuddruckers "salad" from the fixings bar afterwards.

On Sunday, I went to Western NJ again. This time, I went further out to Blairstown, Columbia, the Columbia WMA, and the White Lake WMA. In the WMA locations, there was too much tall grass and trails going through tall grass for comfort during tick season. I didn't get one this time though. Dinner was once again at Fuddruckers in Parsippany in order to use my last coupon, which was expiring that night. I had nachos with beef and another Fuddruckers "salad".

I'm going to hit my 10K milestone soon. I'm currently at 9,914 geocaches found. I won't get there this weekend though because there'll be a mascot gig, but we'll see.


It used to be a cozy place, now I C it differently (New Jersey)
Cattails are cool! (New Jersey)
" The Foot " (New Jersey)
TYTQ (New Jersey)
Watery Tunnel (New Jersey)
The Banal Canal (New Jersey)
Pooh-Sticks (New Jersey)
Les bois derrière la cible (New Jersey)
Between where Kings live & eagles soar (New Jersey)
Not UL approved (New Jersey)
Bottoms Up. (New Jersey)
Cool cache (New Jersey)
Field Trip (New Jersey)
A Walk in the Park (New Jersey)
Did You Know? (New Jersey)
Julia's Birthday Cache (New Jersey)
Indian Lake Overlook (New Jersey)
Down By The River (New Jersey)
Four Corners (New Jersey)
NJCC: Nanga Parbat (New Jersey)


What is that? (New Jersey)
Little Igloo (New Jersey)
1 Year Cache-aversary (New Jersey)
Iguana (New Jersey)
Go Jump In A Lake (New Jersey)
The Little Black Box (New Jersey)
Mothernature cache (New Jersey)
Stone head at the lake (New Jersey)
The Plumber Cache (New Jersey)
Delaware Lake Cache (New Jersey)
Covert Culvert (New Jersey)
route 80 bridge rails (New Jersey)
Triangular Diamond (New Jersey)
Button Ball Park (New Jersey)
The Old Mill (New Jersey)
"In angulus of nemorosus tectum" (New Jersey)
Dragon's Den (New Jersey)
White Lake Strung Out (New Jersey)
White Lake Micro (New Jersey)
Having a rail of a time (New Jersey)
the season of spring (New Jersey)
Darkness Awaits Me (New Jersey)
I'm Underneath Cache (New Jersey)
Picnic in the Park (New Jersey)
Spy vs. Spy: The Clandestine Dead Drop Cache (New Jersey)

Tags: fuddruckers, geocaching, western nj

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