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Lehigh Valley, Branchburg event, Western NJ / Stroudsburg, Westchester

Friday was a rainy day. I hadn't been to Lehigh Valley in quite a while so there were many new geocaches that were close to parking and doable in the rain. Ran into BillyPilot at a cache site so I wasn't the only one out in the rain. I also tried my hand at some Fren-Z geocaches, knowing that I would fail to find most of those, but I got lucky at his Stockertown cache. I'd been there previously to take a look around but had not felt like turning the whole area over to look for the micro cache. This time, the first thing I picked up was where it was hidden! In the evening, I went to Welcome to . . . (Branchburg NJ) 2009 geocaching event at Moe's back in NJ. By the time I got there, it was near the end of the event but I still had about half an hour to trade travel bugs and eat. I had Billy Barou with pork. They used shredded cheese because they ran out of cheese sauce.

Saturday was a sunny day and warmer than Friday. I went to Western NJ along I-80, crossed over the Delaware River to Portland and Mount Bethel, and finished in Stroudsburg. I saw NJ's Longest Traffic Light, a 3-minute red light on Old Mine Road in the Delaware Water Gap. The traffic light has to be that long because of a stretch of one-lane road next to the mountain. The cache was near the traffic light so I didn't actually have to wait. I just turned the car around, parked, and got the cache. I also stumbled across the Lakota Wolf Preserve. It is behind the campground where the "Camp Sight" geocache is located. Dinner was at Chili's in Parsippany to use this month's coupon. I had the Oldtimer and chips and salsa.

On Sunday, I had planned on doing a mascot gig at Manhattanville College in Westchester. However, the event organizers hadn't supplied parking passes and with no pass and no credentials, I had problems with security at the gate. So I decided to skip the gig and switch to Plan B, which was to go geocaching in Westchester. Yes, it was a disappointment but not a major one because that was a fine day -- sunny and breezy -- to be outdoors. The difficult geocache of the day was supposedly "Little Green Men: Tron, Master of the Bull Ship". Once I found it, I realized the problem. It wasn't placed in a way that most geocachers would expect for that area. It was an area with rock formations but the cache wasn't in the rocks, where I saw most of the signs of searching activity. For a late lunch, I had chicken taco and chicken burrito at Taco Bell in New Rochelle. Wasn't planning on eating at Taco Bell but I used their restroom so I might as well get food. For dinner, I just came home and cooked because I wasn't that far from home.

9968 geocaches found, 32 to go.


Welcome to . . . (Branchburg NJ) 2009 (New Jersey)
Park n Quack (Pennsylvania)
KoMmunicARTor (Pennsylvania)
Scooby-Doo: Canine to Five (Pennsylvania)
One MOORE Cache (Pennsylvania)
Scooby Dont Go Near the Fortress of Fear Junior#36 (Pennsylvania)
Scooby: There's a Demon Shark in the Foggy Dark (Pennsylvania)
A Scooby-Doo Valentine (Pennsylvania)
Johnny's Cache (Pennsylvania)
Holy Cross Cemetary (Pennsylvania)
Filetown Bridge (Pennsylvania)
For Those Who Served - Stockertown (Pennsylvania)
Scooby: The Spirits of '76 #6 (Pennsylvania)
Mill Race Park (Pennsylvania)
Lightning Bugs Birthday Bash (Pennsylvania)
Forks Township Recreation Path (Pennsylvania)
Tic (Pennsylvania)
Scooby: Watt A Shocking Ghost (Pennsylvania)
Scooby: The Spirits of '76 #8 (Pennsylvania)
A Dud (New Jersey)


GEO-COMMONS (Pennsylvania)
OMGeo! #1 (Pennsylvania)
rt 80 lights on cache (Pennsylvania)
NJ's Longest Traffic Light (New Jersey)
Rest n' Peace 27 - Delaware Water Gap (Pennsylvania)
River Road Rail Time (Pennsylvania)
The Mount Bethel SpeedyBird (Pennsylvania)
The 611 Six - Old Beck's Cemetery (Pennsylvania)
The 611 Six - Mt. Bethel Presbyterian Cemetery (Pennsylvania)
Green Means GO (Pennsylvania)
A tunnel Cache (New Jersey)
Camp Sight (New Jersey)
To Kill For. (New Jersey)
Hit a Homer Cache (New Jersey)
Devil's Wheelwright (New Jersey)
The White Pilgrim (New Jersey)
NJCC: Usborne (New Jersey)
Southtown (New Jersey)
The Old Pig Drover (New Jersey)


Harbor Island Micro (New York)
American Authors #5a (New York)
It's a Small World #8 - Belgium (New York)
New Rochelle Travel Bug Hotel (New York)
Harborview (New York)
Truck, Truck, Boat (New York)
Otter Creek Bridge (New York)
The Barber Shop (New York)
I-95 Mamaroneck TB Hotel (New York)
Winfield Ave Bridge (New York)
Little Green Men: Tron, Master of the Bull Ship (New York)
The Terrible Trio's First Try (New York)
ye old tree (New York)
Holy Moley! (New York)
Silent Games (New York)

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