Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Mid-week Lehigh Valley

Since Wednesday looked like the least rainy day of the week and since I'm still using up surplus leave days, I took the day off and went to Lehigh Valley. My last trip got me most of the geocaches up to Nazareth. This time, I finished a few more in Easton and then cut through Bethlehem, Allentown, and Whitehall. There was quite a mix of geocaches. Some were easy, some were tricky, and some were in rugged terrain and dense vegetation.

I wasn't in time for Long John Silver's in Easton, so dinner was at Ruby Tuesday in Bethlehem. (just off Route 33) I had a chicken and broccoli quiche with salad bar.

9989 geocaches found. 11 to go.

Scooby: The Spirits of '76 #5 (Pennsylvania)
A Call For Help (Pennsylvania)
Scooby: The Spirits of '76 #9 (Pennsylvania)
Scooby: The Spirits of '76 #10 (Pennsylvania)
Scooby: The Spirits of '76 #3 (Pennsylvania)
Scooby: The Spirits of '76 #4 (Pennsylvania)
Scooby: The Spirits of '76 #2 (Pennsylvania)
Park and Ride - Almost I (Pennsylvania)
F/2 Beach Patrol (Pennsylvania)
What a micro (Pennsylvania)
Minsi Bridge Micro (Pennsylvania)
Down By The River, Additionally! (Pennsylvania)
Down By The River, Once More! (Pennsylvania)
Park n Walk Cache (Pennsylvania)
How Lowe Can You Go I (Pennsylvania)
Another Township Park Micro (Pennsylvania)
Hillcrest Cache (Pennsylvania)
Sammy's Path (Pennsylvania)
CJ's "Innovation Station" (Pennsylvania)
Catch and Release Travel Bug Hotel (Pennsylvania)
Scooby and the Spooky Case of the Grand Prix Race (Pennsylvania)

Tags: geocaching, lehigh valley, ruby tuesday

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