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The weather looked fine this evening, although it was a bit deceptive because I encountered some sprinkles of rain while driving out. I went for two geocaches. The first was Keep it Beautiful at Long Pond Ironworks State Park in Ringwood. Actually, it was at the park entrance, practically roadside, and easy. Then I still had time so I went to Hewitt State Forest in West Milford for Easiest One of the Day. This one is near the parking area for the State Line Trail and is therefore the easiest one of the day if you're climbing up the mountain for the other caches. I wasn't going to do that this evening.

After that, I went to Boston Market in Mahwah to use this $3 coupon. I had a crispy country chicken dinner. That was over $7 before coupon for not that much food, so I don't think Boston Market represents great value any more. If I didn't have a discount, I'd just have gone home and made myself some rice and beans.

9991 geocaches found; 9 to go. I'll go for #10000 this weekend and I have Saturday all planned out already.


What's something you will not eat unless you also have ketchup?
I don't usually use ketchup so I don't have an answer to this question.

What's something you will not drink unless it is served on ice cubes?
No answer to this question either. I can have anything with or without ice.

What's something you will not eat unless it is served between slices of bread?
Again, no answer. I can eat anything from a sandwich on its own.

What's something you will not drink unless you have a straw?
Again, no answer. If there isn't a straw, I can do without.

What's something else you will not eat except under very specific circumstances?

From thefridayfive:

What was your favorite class/subject in school?

Who was your favorite teacher?
Mr. Lee, math teacher back in the old country. Well, he's the one I remember.

Why was your favorite teacher your favorite?
He turned me on to the writings of George Orwell. Funny that a math teacher, not an English teacher, would do that.

What would you have liked to major in in college? Or what will you major in if you go to college?
Computer Science. Oh wait, that's what I did! Okay, good then. :)

Would you rather go to a small, medium, or large college, if you had the money to go to any of the three?
I went to a large but compact (6 city blocks) college, but I don't think it makes that much of a difference as long as the college has what you want to learn. Sure, first-year courses will be crowded in a large college but as you get to the more advanced courses, classes will get smaller and smaller until it's just you and the teaching assistant.
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