Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Stroudsburg, Lehigh Valley, and 10,000

Rainy day today, although I didn't actually get rained on except at one cache site. All day long, it looked like I was moving from area to area to dodge the rain clouds, but that's just how my timing worked out. I started in Columbia, NJ, and bagged a few geocaches. Then I crossed over the Delaware River to Delaware Water Gap / East Stroudsburg for a few more geocaches. I only did enough in that area to get to find #9999. Then I headed down Route 33 to Easton for my special #10,000 geocache. Greyvin emailed me the info two days ago so I could plan ahead. It was quite an honor to find it and make it my #10,000.

But there was still time, so why stop there? Since I was in Lehigh Valley, I continued where I left off on Wednesday. This time, I went to the northern part of Lehigh Valley -- Northampton, Coplay, Egypt, Schnecksville. I even found a cache at the Lehigh Valley Zoo, which I didn't expect to be open late in the evening. I went in and found out that they were having a charity event tonight. Dinner was fried fish at Long John Silver's in Easton because I made it there before closing time.

Tags: geocaching, lehigh valley, ljs, long john silver's, milestone, stroudsburg

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