Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Rainy Day Christmas in June

Well, I got my wish. It's been around 60°F the whole day, even past mid-June. The catch? It's also been raining all day long! Disregarding the rain, I went out this evening to the Not Just Christmas..... geocache in Paramus. It's just outside Christmas Tree Shops, which, despite the name, does not appear to be a store just for Christmas trees. I was the first to sign in at this new cache, which hardly ever happens around here nowadays due to some stiff competition. I guess the rain or that accident on the Parkway slowed everyone down.

I got the KFC grilled chicken raincheck coupon in the mail but they post-dated the coupon so I can't use it until Friday. Instead, I had a fish and chips platter from Nathan's at the Paramus Park Mall food court.
Tags: christmas tree shops, geocaching, nathan's, paramus, paramus park mall
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