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Knobs Away!

Went out after work and somehow ended up in Mahwah again, this time over on the Franklin Turnpike side. At least I got to pick up a few more gas prices for New Jersey Gas Prices. Only 14,150 more points to get the green car icon!

Getting very close to GS 1300 over at Where's George?. Currently at 1299.8 so it's only a matter of two days or so away. Now, some would say that geocache bills aren't natural circulation but if you're going to go unnatural, you might as well go all the way and do the tour of Europe. It's been to three European countries already!

Darn adjustable trekking poles. (similar to ski poles) The adjustment knobs are stuck because I apparently made the mistake of storing them in the locked position! One of them, at least, is stuck at the correctly adjusted length for my height so if I didn't mind it taking up more room in storage, I can still use it. The other one, however, is stuck with the adjustible part free so it is useless. Ack! I think the coefficient of expansion for plastic is higher than metal so the knobs should come unstuck when I heat them up. Then again, I may just melt them off. :)

Word to the wise webmasters: Make sure your root page shows something meaningful. Not everyone will know that your main page is actually, for example. I came across one such website this evening via search engine. I thought I'd go up one level to take a look at the main page, and got a directory of files instead. What a mess.


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