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There is a carnival at the local high school this week. I stopped by yesterday evening to take a look since it is between work and home. I didn't go again this evening because of the rain so I'm glad I took a chance to see it yesterday. They had the usual rides. They also had chicken on a stick but I eschewed the fancy display and had funnel cake instead.

Plush Husky was originally a carnival toy and here is proof. A larger version of the plush toy is among the prizes at the shooting gallery. These prizes end up at thrift stores occasionally. I actually prefer the smaller sizes for those plush toys. Large carnival plush toys tend to be cheaply made and stuffed with stiffer styrofoam-like filling.

I came across a small roadkill possum after leaving the carnival. See, I just had to take a picture of it. Couldn't leave things well enough alone. :) I wonder if anyone remembers the roadkill calendar from alt.tasteless, back in the day. Anyway, that's all I have. On to the weekend!
Tags: carnival, funnel cake, possum, rides, roadkill

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