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Orange County

According to the car thermometer, the temperature didn't go very much above 70°F today. The downside? Rain, heavy at times. I went to Orange County to visit new geocaches in the last few months since my last trip there. I also made a side trip into Matamoras and Milford, Pennsylvania, to find some geocaches that were placed for last week's tri-state geocaching event, which I didn't attend. Because of the unstable weather system, I did mostly geocaches that were short walks from parking. That turned out to be a good idea because it went from no rain to monsoon within seconds a few times today.

After finding "S.I.& B. 1917", I headed eastward to Walden/Wallkill to get out from under the rain clouds. There is a nice rail trail there that was good for 5 geocaches. Since there was no rain in that area, I tackled a few longer and more involved geocaches. Dinner was supposed to be at Long John Silver's in New Windsor but when I placed my order, the cashier told me that the order had to be "to go" even though I still had 10 minutes before they closed the dining area and even though the restaurant itself was still over an hour away from closing. (drive-thru closes later) For me, takeout is pointless because if I have to bring food home, I might as well just cook something from the store of food that I already have at home. So I canceled the order and left.

Anyway, I figured I'd show them by using Route 9W to go home and finding 3 geocaches at night! Okay, that probably didn't make any kind of statement. :) The last cache of the day was "Darkness on the Edge of Town". I found "Darkness" in the dark. Yes, there is method to this madness! Actually, it wasn't that difficult. The cache location is a tunnel under Route 9W. This tunnel is a one-lane road. I parked just outside the tunnel, walked back and forth through it with a flashlight, and found the cache on my second pass.

Got home, made dinner, and wrote a note to LJS corporate inquiring about restaurant hours policy. Also asked why this particular LJS closes a lot earlier in the evening than their other restaurants. I'm curious as to whether this is the result of a town curfew.

Darkness on the Edge of Town (New York)
Route 9....... W (New York)
joshnme2's 3rd cache (New York)
The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor (New York)
FTF Challenge "jmonti" (New York)
Up in Smoke (New York)
A "New" Fence (New York)
Uncle Bill and Grandpa (New York)
Just off the Rail Trail (New York)
Rail Trail Cache (New York)
A Bridge Over Tranquil Waters (New York)
Egg Hunt 2 (New York)
Egg Hunt 1 (New York)
S.I.& B. 1917 (Pennsylvania)
A New Hope: Secret Plans (Pennsylvania)
Geo-Treasure #21 (Pennsylvania)
What's Up Doc? (Pennsylvania)
Geo-Cola #5 (Pennsylvania)
Geo-Treasure #19 (Pennsylvania)
End Zone (Pennsylvania)
Side Road (Pennsylvania)
Steelers Super Bowl: XIII (New York)
Top of New Jersey (New Jersey)
Over and Around (New York)
Stuck In the Middle of No Where (New York)
6-8301-2034 (New York)
Innova-tive (New York)
Memories of summers passed (New York)

Tags: geocaching, long john silver's, matamoras, milford, orange county

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