Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Anthrocon Day 0

I started the day with breakfast at Steel City Diner with marauderosu. I had the Steel City Special. After breakfast, I headed out to the Strip District for two geocaches. There was an 80% chance of rain so I brought an umbrella. Thank goodness I did because it started raining heavily after the first geocache, Running Dogs in the Strip. It wasn't a difficult geocache because there was a clear trail leading right to it. There was only a bit of a trick to finding it. After that, I went to Pasta Lover's True Park & Grab, which is in a parking lot behind an Italian restaurant. I used Penn Avenue both going to and returning from the two cache sites. It's an interesting place in the Strip District. There are lots of markets, including a few Asian groceries. I got a bunch of bananas at a fruit market because I noticed it was much cheaper there than back home.

By the time I got back to the hotel, con registration had opened up. After freshening up in my room, I went over to the convention center to pick up my badge. There was hardly any line at the Sponsor registration table so that went quickly. Guess who was volunteering at that table and handing me my con materials. marauderosu! I see this guy everywhere! :)

After hanging out at The Zoo for a while to write yesterday's journal entry, I went up to my room again and changed into the raccoon fursuit. Came back down and roamed the hotel and Convention Center, including a brief trip up to the roof. A group of pharmaceutical representatives down in the hotel lobby were quite amused by the fursuiters. One of them gave me a Viagra pen. :) Some people from the hotel bar also asked for photos.

Then I went to the Rodent Party. It was at the Marriott Courtyard so I had to take a walk out on the street in fursuit, but it was only a short distance away and not particularly unsafe. I might consider staying at the Marriott one of these years if I have trouble getting a room reservation at the Westin. Who knows? I was actually a bit early for the Rodent Party. I was the only guest! But I got to see marko_the_rat again and show him the raccoon suit. I returned to the party later in street clothes to sample the various cheeses and play a few rounds of Blokus 3D.

After the party, I had a late dinner at Primanti Brothers. Since they're a 24-hour restaurant, I might as well use them for that. I had a ham and cheese sandwich.
Tags: ac09, anthrocon, blokus 3d, cory's, furry, fursuiting, geocaching, primanti brothers, rodent party, viagra

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