Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Anthrocon Day 1

Started the day with a southwest burrito breakfast at Fernando'sFurnando's. Then I went to the opening ceremony. The attendance figure at open was already 3,127, which is remarkable for a recession period. Then I went to the Dealers' Room to drop off my charity auction donation, pick up my Sponsor con shirt, and browse the Dealers' Room and Artist Alley. I didn't buy anything except a hat with pointy ears. Trying not to add to my clutter before the move, you know. Also sought out bucktowntiger's table in the Artist Alley since we prearranged to meet beforehand.

In the afternoon, I went to the "Fursuit Dance 101" and "Presenting Furry Fandom to the Public" panels. I also went to the "Fursuiter Meet and Greet" after changing into the raccoon fursuit but I didn't stick around for that whole gathering. Midway, I went over to the Convention Center for the fursuit photoshoot to get pictures taken of my raccoon character. This photographer (Dragonscales gallery, I think) is quite professional. He guided me through the various poses.

After an early dinner at Golden Palace Buffet, I returned to the Westin for "Fursuit Games: Recess". (Wore the husky fursuit this time.) This is supposed to be a gentler version of the fursuit games but I thought it was pretty rough in some ways too. We played freeze tag, "British bulldog", and another game that was not named. I sat out the "Duck, Duck, Goose" round. Then I went to the Artist Reception for a short time before finishing the night at the "Fursuit-Friendly Dance", where I used the moves I learnt at the dance panel. (Well, some of those anyway.)
Tags: anthrocon, furnando's, furry, fursuit, golden palace buffet

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