Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Anthrocon Day 3

Started the day with breakfast at Steel City Diner. I had a gyro omelette. I happened to sit at the diner counter right next to mejeep. Both he and I thought we were going to be eating alone but that apparently wasn't to be. :) I didn't have anything planned for the morning so I went to the Dealer's Room to look for Sunday specials. Indeed there was. I got a fox hat from the Furducers. I paid in all singles as usual and they gave me a special "I had exact change!" ribbon. Also, taren_ told me that he's a Where's George user too. I'm sure there are more than a few of us at Anthrocon.

In the afternoon, I took part in the Fursuit Games (wore the husky fursuit) over at the Convention Center. I was in the green team of about half a dozen teams. In the first game, we had to pass a stack of cans from player to player using just one hand so it was a balancing act. The second game was charades. The whole team got to act out the words for the audience to guess but for most of the words, someone got the answer before I got out there, so it was easy. In the third game, all but 3 of the team were "dying" and we had to carry them to the safe zone to be revived. Since I was bigger, I got to be one of the 3 doing the carrying. I thought this was the hardest game because even with help, it's hard to carry someone. The last game was a mini skit where we were supposed to make the audience laugh. Our idea was to trade costume parts to make everything mismatched. In addition, I went out there with my fursuit head on backwards and someone else in our team wore a Tastykake box. In the end, our team didn't win the games but it was fun to play anyway.

After that, I attended Dr. Kathy Gerbasi's (drg_kcgerbasi) Furry Survey panel. It was an interesting presentation of the methodology and results of psychological surveys she did at Anthrocon this year and the past few years. After that, I went to the Closing Ceremony. The final count was 3776 attendees from 29 countries and we raised $8992 for this year's charity.

For dinner, marauderosu and I took the T (subway/trolley line) out to Station Square. We went to Sesame Inn (I got this recommendation from zyphbear via Twitter just before the convention.) and had Amazing Pork. I thought it was good although the spice had clearly been toned down for the Western palate. Along the way, we ran into a few Pittsburgh locals who had heard of Anthrocon, no doubt from TV news and newspaper coverage in the last few days. We had some interesting conversations. Also met a local furry who wasn't at Anthrocon but happened to be riding the T too.

After we took the T back to the hotel, marauderosu finished packing up and I bid farewell to him as he left to catch his bus out of town. And now I'm at The Zoo soaking up the post-con ambiance. Man, we ARE a noisy bunch! :)
Tags: anthrocon, furry, furry survey, fursuit, psychology, sesame inn, station square, steel city diner

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