Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

After Anthrocon

The con may be over but the festivities didn't stop after my last post. I was able to meet up with quite a few friends in the last moments because everyone was back in the hotel and they were easier to spot in a smaller crowd. I also put on the raccoon fursuit, went to the dance at the Dead Dog Party, got into a number of photoshoots around the lobby and 2nd floor, and hung around until security finally locked up all the function rooms. 2 hours flew by just like that and I was satisfied, having squeezed out as much con activity as I could out of the last night.

Needless to say, I had a late start the next morning. Carried everything to the car and checked out of the hotel. I'd been told about the Route 28 detour at the 62nd St. Bridge so I was prepared with geocache info. That detour was perfect for grabbing a set of geocaches at Highland Park. (near Pittsburgh Zoo) Then I made a quick stop at the thrift store in New Bethlehem. Even with all that, I made it to Brookville in time for lunch buffet at Plyler's.

The rest of the trip was more driving than geocaching, although I did try to finish off the geocaches in the Bloomsburg-Berwick area. I also sampled the spring water in Loganton when I went for the "Have a drink on me" geocache. The water tasted like hard-boiled egg, probably because it had a hint of sulfur. That still isn't as bad as the water at home, which has a hint of Canada geese. :) Dinner was fried fish at A&W/LJS at the I-80/I-476 intersection area in Lake Harmony. Arrived home after 1am, which wasn't too bad considering everything I did along the way.

Tags: a&w, anthrocon, furry, fursuit, geocaching, ljs, long john silver's, plyler's, spring water
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