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Morton Fox

Writer's Block: Economizing

If you had to tighten your budget (or already have), what would be the easiest thing to cut?

I made significant spending cuts in 2008 and I carried over most of those cuts to this year. It's part of getting older. Every year, I find more things that I can do without. At this rate, by the time I'm 90, I could live in a cave and think it's a grand time. :)

I cut Postcrossing back in May after the postal rate hike. I decided I could no longer ignore the stamp cost. This was actually a pretty easy item to cut. I'd already done everything I wanted to do in this hobby and I now have a big collection of postcards, including the first Postcrossing card from Tuvalu.

If I had to cut spending further now, I'd look into one of these:
* Toilet paper because I could always use my.... uhh, never mind! :)
* Trips to Long Island / NYC. Round trip bridge tolls are at least $14.
* Graphic novels. Not that I was ever a big spender in this area but I found out that with the newly-expanded multi-county library system, I can now get those through interlibrary book request. Special thanks to whoever donated a set of Transmetropolitan to the Millburn library.
* Conventions. Even though I attend only two a year now, these have to be the biggest expense for which there is no critical need. And it's not like I don't see my friends at other venues at other times of the year.
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