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Western NJ, Queens

Went to Western NJ on Saturday. In just a few weeks since my last visit, lots of new geocaches have been listed around Hackettstown, Blairstown, Hope, and Hainesburg so I did those. I also visited the Mohican Outdoor Center at the Delaware Water Gap briefly to seek 4 geocaches in a row along their access road. That's a pretty scenic area and the cabins look nicer than home! I ran into Chris58 at "65 million years in the making" and we went and did "In remebrance[sic]" together since this cache was next on both our lists.

Dinner was at Arby's in Hackettstown. I noticed that there are now lots of new restaurants (both fast food and sit-down) just south of Hackettstown on Routes 517 and 57. It's like a food court out there now and this solves the problem of where to eat in Western NJ after geocaching. Anyway, I had a coupon for a bacon and cheese roastburger so I got that. This Arby's was also offering a 5 for $5 deal. End result: 6 sandwiches! I brought 3 home. Such a deal.

On Sunday, I went to Queens. NYC has traffic problems now because of the closure of the ramp from Cross Island Parkway to the Throgs Neck Bridge. Some traffic got diverted to the Clearview Expressway and some got diverted to the Whitestone Bridge, causing even more delays there. I didn't experience any delays going to Queens but coming home, I got stuck in traffic until I thought of an interesting alternate route to get around the mess. I didn't have quite as much of a problem on city streets, which is a good thing because I used those most of the day going from cache site to cache site.

The first 4 caches were along the Flushing Promenade. I was forced to use the second parking area because the first one had been taken over by Citi Field, even though it was supposed to be a parking area for Flushing Meadows - Corona Park, and they are now charging $18 per entry, which is exorbitant even if I was going to the game, which I wasn't. Even the second parking area was guarded but they let me in when I said I was going to the marina. (Well, I did. I just didn't buy anything or use the boats. :) ) Using the second parking area only added a mile to the walk.

The rest of the day was a pretty straightforward drive around to city parks for geocaches. The only really muddy area was in the wild side of Cunningham Park, which is understandable as it rained just the previous night. This time, I didn't encounter the homeless guy at "The "Park" in Parkway". I couldn't search for this cache on my last visit because he had set up camp right at the cache site. No problem this time. In the evening, I crossed over to Nassau County for two geocaches near Mineola and then came back to Flushing Chinatown. I had lots of curry and satay tofu at Curry Leaves. I also stocked up on sweet bean curd at the flower shop because the vendor once again gave me a bulk discount.

Geocaches on Saturday:

Fairview Cemetery Cache (New Jersey)
CITO...... Except One Piece (New Jersey)
King Fire (New Jersey)
Deer Den (New Jersey)
MOC Cache (New Jersey)
Camping Cache (New Jersey)
A creatures Palace (New Jersey)
Fresh Lumber (New Jersey)
Chrysanthemum. (New Jersey)
Between the Three of Us (New Jersey)
The long Forgotten (New Jersey)
Disconnected!!!!!! (New Jersey)
Caelum (New Jersey)
On Allamuchy Pond (New Jersey)
In remebrance (New Jersey)
65 million years in the making (New Jersey)
JAB#10 (New Jersey)
Surrounded by Cu and Cellulose (New Jersey)
Turket hill Surprise (New Jersey)
Come On IN (New Jersey)
Alvin, Theodore, And Simon (New Jersey)
F.T.F. North (New Jersey)

Geocaches on Sunday:

Spirit of '76 (New York)
LI Libraries #1 Mineola (New York)
Station to Station (New York)
40 Gallons of Ketchup (New York)
Whitey Ford Park (New York)
JH Streets of Old: Jackson Avenue (New York)
LaGuardia Landing Lights Redux (New York)
The "Park" in Parkway (New York)
Flushing Promenade 7 --Whitestone Parkway (New York)
Flushing Promenade 3 -- Cat Cafe (New York)
Flushing Promenade 4-- Worlds Fair Relic (New York)
Flushing Promenade 5--Welcome! (New York)

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