Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Ice Cream Day

Rather nice weather this evening, so I went to Ramapo Mountain State Forest in Oakland for Demon Cacher"s !st Micro. (I think Demon Cacher had a slip of the shift key there.) It was a 1.5-mile round trip on the orange trail. That's just about the same distance as walking from the Westin to Primanti Brothers (their Strip District location) and back in Pittsburgh except for the uneven terrain, rolling hills, and brook crossing. After that, I had a mashed potato bowl at KFC in Ramsey.

The highlight of the day though was free ice cream at work. It wasn't from work though. The building management company provided the ice cream for Tenant Appreciation Day. They parked an ice cream truck by the fountains and handed out ice cream for two hours. There was also free popcorn. So yes, it was totally worth not taking the day off today. I'm such a cheap date. :)
Tags: ice cream, kfc, popcorn, ramapo mountain state forest, tenant appreciation day
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