Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Sonic, not hedgehog, not screwdriver

Have new geocache, will travel. So this evening, I went to seek "Now Leaving....." It is at a small memorial park next to the Passaic River in Rutherford. The coordinates were roughly 70 feet off but the hint narrowed it to just 3 locations in the park, so it was still doable.

After that, I went to the new Sonic Drive-in in Hasbrouck Heights. That place is crazy busy. There was a line of cars. Police were directing traffic. However, it probably wasn't as bad this evening as it was yesterday when a police officer got struck down. I didn't get one of the parking stalls, which was a disappointment because I could've had someone rollerskate the food out to my car. Instead, I used a regular parking space and walked to the front of the store to place my order.

Or tried to place my order, rather. The police came up and asked me several times if I was a reporter. Huh? Do I give off a reporter vibe? Where's my fedora, notebook, and chewed-up pencil? Then again, I'm writing about the absurdity of it now so maybe they have something there. :) Anyway, I had BLT on Toast and tater tots.
Tags: geocaching, hasbrouck heights, rutherford, sonic drive-in
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