Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Junk Tree, KFC, and me

There was another new geocache not too far away. So this afternoon, I went to Ramapo College in Mahwah for Happy Hour. This cache is on the junk tree, a tree at one corner of the campus on which students have been hanging all kinds of odd junk. I visited the junk tree (This is just what I'm calling it. I don't know what name the locals have for this spot.) two years ago for another cache and since then, there has been new junk added. Since it's been going on for years, I guess the college tolerates this bit of tomfoolery.

After that, I went to KFC in Ramsey for another mashed potato bowl. Thank goodness for the coupons they keep mailing to me.

Speaking of KFC, I got a reply to my question for KFC corporate on the operating hours of the KFC/LJS in New Windsor. I didn't write about this earlier because I got that email during Anthrocon and there was more than enough going on at the time. The restaurant owner thought it was unacceptable for them to close the dining area before the actual closing time and sent me a $10 gift certificate. It is redeemable only at that particular restaurant so it will have to wait until the next time I go to Orange County, which may be in a month or two. (That area doesn't get loads of new geocaches every week like some places.) I'm surprised at their response though because I wasn't actually complaining. When I wrote to them, I merely explained the situation and asked about restaurant policy concerning the closing time. It's good to know they're paying attention anyway.
Tags: geocaching, kfc, mahwah, ramapo college, squeaky wheel

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