Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Triple Tree, Micro Center, and not the carnival

The was rain in the weather forecast and it did, in fact, rain a bit this afternoon, so I didn't think I would be going anywhere this evening. But evening came and it was only cloudy, so I went to Caldwell for the Triple Tree geocache. Aside from this geocache, there are a number of objects on Second Mountain. There is a water tank. There are the ruins and abandoned roads of a mental asylum. There is a rock called White Rock that isn't white.

After that, I went to Nathan's in Willowbrook Mall for a cheesesteak. Only a few days left to use this set of coupons! As I was driving on I-80, I saw a ferris wheel on top of Garret Mountain, which meant there was a carnival this evening. I went there and saw that they were charging $4 for parking so I decided not to go in. There wasn't a charge for parking when the carnival was in my town so I can wait until it moves to another location.

Instead, I went to Micro Center in Paterson to take another stab at buying an external DVD/CD drive and a bluetooth mouse for my netbook. Once again, nothing suitable was on sale, but I did find a numeric keypad + USB hub in clearance. (Trying it now and it works pretty nicely.) Got home just in time for the heavy rain and lightning.
Tags: carnival, geocaching, micro center, nathan's, willowbrook mall

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